Arihant Numerical Problems in Geology GATE & JAM

Prepared as per the needs of the exam.

Divided into 5 sections

25 chapters to provide theoretical knowledge.

500+ equations and 300+ solved problems.

Step-by-step explanations of various Geological concept

309.00 325.00

The book “Numerical Problems in Geology” has been written in an exam-oriented approach to fulfill the requirement of the aspirants. Equipped with 25 chapters in the 1st and 2nd unit, it provides a complete theoretical knowledge of the subjects- Quantitative Geology and Applied Geophysics. Applications of various Geological concepts are illustrated with step-by-step explanations for better understanding. This book also contains more than 500 equations, 300+ Solved problems and 200+ Practice problems for thorough practice. The second edition has been updated with the solutions of the numerical problems from GATE & JAM 2021,to give an exposure of the techniques of problem-solving. Housed with exam relevant content, this book proves to be a must have resource in the solving and practicing of numerical problems for GATE & JAM 2022.

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